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What's New?

Ice Cream Social at Royal OaksBack-To-School Ice Cream Social!

The annual Royal Oaks Estates Ice Cream Social will be held this Friday afternoon, Aug 8, starting at 3:00pm. Come celebrate the beginning of the school year at the clubhouse and weather permitting, the pool. Remember to bring your towels!

Tennis Court Resurfacing Scheduled

Resurfacing work on Tennis Court #1 will begin immediately, and will kick off an effort to improve yearly maintenance on the courts. Court #2 has been heavily impacted by the drainage problems on the slope above; we are waiting to see if recent work to re-route the water coming off the hill is working before we resurface the court. It was, however, swept and washed during the Spring Workday. The Board voted in their April meeting to allocate funds in the Budget each year to allow a rotation of maintenance on the existing courts. Thanks to Amanda Kembell and Doris James for the hours of research, sweeping, cleaning, and dogged persistence in getting the tennis courts back to good condition!

Award-winning design by Sharon Anderson & partnerSharon Anderson Wins Gold in 2014 ASID Design Excellence Awards

Sharon Anderson and her partner have won the ASID GOLD award at the State Level for Custom Product Design. This is the highest award level for design in Georgia.

Their winning entry was a customized Breakfast Nook Pub Table, shown in the photo of the beautiful room below. Wow, wouldn't you love to have a room like that?

Sharon Anderson wins Design Excellence AwardSharon and her husband, Jerrell, are long-time  Royal Oaks residents. Congratulations, Sharon. We are proud to have such a talented person as a neighbor!

Carmella writes... Missing a Cat? They're at My House!

I'm trying to find whomever lost a Maine Coon cat. There are a couple of other cats hanging out over here on Oakwood Hills Trail, as well. Call me if you are missing a kitty. Call Carmela..... 770 271-9046.

Homeowners' Dues & Directory Updates

The Board has posted an updated HOA Dues Late Payment Policy. If you are behind in your dues, interest is now being added each month on the first of the month to your overdue balance. If you do not pay in full by June 30, the Royal Oaks Board will attach a lien to your property. Please be sure you understand this policy - your good credit depends upon it. Contact the Treasurer to obtain your balance, including interest, so that your account is brought current. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY ROEHA FACILITY, including the pool, playground, tennis courts or clubhouse, until your dues, including interest, expenses and legal fees, are paid in full.

The 2014 Royal Oaks Directory is now available. It will be emailed to all residents who are current with their HOA dues. Take a look at your family's listing. If your email or phone numbers have changed, PLEASE update your information by sending us a Directory Update form.

Customer Service Shortcuts

Most of us have experienced the long wait times and the endless menus trying to navigate corporate customer service phone lines. To speak to a live person, you can try saying "customer service" or pressing "0." But that doesn't always work.

The website Gethuman.com lists shortcuts to getting the help you want… For example, if you want to get a person at Verizon Wireless – one of the companies with a difficult-to-figure-out trick – enter your mobile number and then press the pound key.

The site also allows you to request a call back from some customer service lines… you don't have to wait on hold. Just enter your phone number with Gethuman (which doesn't store it), and you'll receive a call within minutes. No waiting.

Dr. David Eifrig Jr., MD, MBA, "Stansberry & Associates Newsletter," Dec 27, 2013



Unpaid Dues Listings

The Board is in the process of calling residents who have not paid their dues. Some have just forgotten. Others are setting up payment plans. Interest will be applied at the rate of 1.5% per month, beginning on March 1. Liens will be filed after June 30 on unpaid homeowners.

We have four homeowners who are several years in arrears. We have hired an attorney to collect the money or take them to court. In the event that we are successful, the homeowners will be responsible for legal fees as well as cumulative dues and interest. Georgia has strong precedents for ruling in favor of Homeowners Associations, and we will be able to garnish wages to collect the dues, court costs and legal fees associated with collections. The Unpaid Dues Policy is posted on the Key Info page.

Reminder: You may NOT use the common areas, such as pool, clubhouse, playground, and tennis courts, if you are not current with your dues. If you haven’t paid, then please make arrangements with David White. We want everyone to enjoy our amenities.

Your Neighbor's Business...

Visit the  Classifieds listings to see services offered by other neighbors. Remember, neighbors can post Classified Ads for FREE! If you have a business, you can put a classified ad on the Royal Oaks website and link it back to your own.

New Neighbors

If you are new to the neighborhood, be sure you fill out a Resident's Infomation Form, so that we can include you in our Royal Oaks Directory and welcome you on the website (and in person!) Your information is kept confidential, and is only used for updates and communication from the Royal Oaks Homeowners Association.

If you aren't getting periodic email updates from the Board or the webmaster, it's because we don't have your current email address! Update it using the form above, and we'll add you to our list.

We love our pets.Pet News

  • Here is the info on low income & free spay/neuter programs in the state.  (See List...)
  • The Pet Registry may help your neighbors identify and return your beloved animal. Fill it out today! (More...)

— by Carmela Quinlan